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Blast your resume to hundreds of Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Recruiters and thousands of Human Resource/Talent Acquisitions staff at major Pharmaceutical Companies!!!!!!

Don't have time to apply to hundreds of Pharmaceutical Sales Rep job openings?  We can help!!

Expedite your job search and get more eyes on your resume
  • Replies from recruiters go directly to your e-mail!
  • Increase your exposure to Pharmaceutical Sales hiring managers
  • Save time and money by emailing to decision makers for hiring Pharmaceutical Sales Reps
  • We email your resume to over 700 Pharmaceutical Sales recruiters and then send you a confirmation 
  • We also email you a list of over 2200 Human Resource/Talent Acquisition staffers at over 100 major Pharmaceutical Companies where you can contact and follow up with them
BENEFITS OF THE ADVANCED RESUME DISTRIBUTION SERVICE: Recruiters utilize many sources to secure employees for their clients nationwide. With such a broad approach, this means that a recruiter anywhere in the country can be working on a position in your local area for the Pharmaceutical Sales industry as they are mining for good and qualified candidates. Our Advanced Resume Distribution Service optimizes your ability to reach new pharmaceutical sales rep opportunities. Within a few minutes, your resume can be in front of these decision makers!

* Once purchased, we will e-mail you instructions during our office hours.

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"Quite an effective service! The system works very quickly.  As an added bonus I received a list of hiring managers at the Pharmaceutical companies I was targeting.  I was able to just point and click to their LINKEDIN page and message them and I was also provided their work email which is almost impossible to get!!!   All in all, the blasting system is a fine way to do a job search. ….. I strongly recommend it!"

"I received approximately 10 responses within 24 hours of blasting out my resume.  It looks like I will be getting set up quickly with the hiring companies.   I'm extremely satisfied with the service and follow up."

"I have been searching the web for 2 months looking for a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep positions, forwarding email to different companies, and receiving little to no response. WITHIN ONE HOUR of my resume being blasted I received 19 email resume responses, with about 7 positions which I will seriously consider. This is a FANTASTIC service.  I will tell my friends about it!"


PharmVille also provides a Resume Service for a fee    


  • Create a Pharmaceutical industry specific formatted resume      
  • Add Pharmaceutical Sales industry key words     
  • Provide you with digital and written copies              
  • Showcase your education and accomplishments to attract companies   
  • Make sure it is computer formatted so pharmaceutical companies can find you easier online 
  • *Satisfaction Guaranteed


Your Pharmaceutical Sales Resume is the most important job-search document. The resume will present and introduce your most important experiences, skills, abilities, certifications, education, and training to prospective pharmaceutical companies. Your resume will acquaint you to staffing and human resource personnel before you can personally meet them during an interview. It is the first impression that a pharmaceutical employer gets of you. Your resume serves as a spokesperson, an advocate, and your personal advertisement. It will be, in most cases, your ticket to a pharmaceutical sales interview.





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What to expect and how does it work?

  • Once purchased you will receive an email from one of our Resume Writers with full instructions.
  • We will need for you to provide any old resumes and fill out a questionnaire which will provide us with all of the details needed to create a comprehensive and highly marketable resume.
  • We will provide you with a digital copy and mail you originals.   The digital copy will make it easy for you make minor changes or modify in the future.
  • If you need to talk to your Resume Writer an appointment will need to be made for a specific time.
  • Resume completion time can range from 2 to 7 days depending on the complexity of your resume and it all depends on the quality and thoroughness of your answers on the questionnaire you fill out for PharmVille.
  • PharmVille reserves the right to cancel a resume order if we feel we cannot be helpful.