CDL Delivery Driver/Service Specialist

  • Baxter
  • Buford, GA, USA
  • Nov 23, 2021
Distribution-Shipping Inventory Pharmaceutical Quality Control Supply Chain

Job Description


  • Responsible for the safe delivery and pick up of dialysis products to home kidney dialysis patients and dialysis centers.
  • Responsibilities include driving an 18 to 24 foot straight truck, delivering supplies inside residential homes, rotating stock, inventory checks, and pick up and return of supplies.
  • This is a Field Distribution position of the Supply Chain Division of Baxter HealthCare Corporation.  Incumbent must work closely with internal and external customers.  Position requires professionalism and courtesy in all phases of the job.  When confronted with a problem while making deliveries, this person will be equipped with a list of contacts that can be used for problem resolution.  Problem resolution skills are required.  Must be computer literate and it would be helpful to have Electronic Logging Device (ELD) or handheld device experience from previous work history.  Following Standard Operating Procedures and safe driving practices are essential.  This person drives a truck 6-12 hours a day, handles product, rotation of stock, repositioning of product based on customer preference, accurate record keeping of Department of Transportation (DOT) logs and paperwork as required by Baxter.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities.  This section contains a list of five to eight primary responsibilities of the work.  The incumbent will perform other duties as assigned.

Essential Job Functions:

Driving a CDL straight truck                                     35-45%

Delivering Supplies                                                    30%

Rotating Supplies                                                       05%

Inventory Checks                                                        03%

Loading trucks-varies with location                        05%

Vehicle Inspections                                                    02%

Paperwork/computer entry                                       05%

Picking up supplies for return to warehouse          05%

     Total                                  100%

Physical Context Work Environment:

This position is primarily heavy physical work with frequent lifting; carrying objects 25-37 pounds or more on a repetitive basis.  An average delivery consists of 30 cases, at 824 pounds. Each case is lifted from the floor of the truck, or a stack, (possibly chest high), and placed on a hand truck, wheeled into a patient’s home, then lifted off the hand truck and placed on the floor, or lifted onto an existing stack.

The Incumbent works:

            In a warehouse                                                            15%

            In truck driving                                                           40%

            In patient’s home making deliveries                           45%

Hazards Include:

            Driving a truck in variable weather conditions

            Pushing and pulling a hand truck loaded (total weight of 165-200 lbs)

            Lifts include - dead lifts up stairs, into basements, or into a garage

            Often requires pulling out an aluminum ramp or liftgate from the truck

            Manual lifting of cartons

Safety Equipment:

            Hydraulic liftgates or aluminum ramp

            Electric powered hand truck (Liftkar®) assists with carrying loads up and down stairs

Personal Protective Equipment:

            Leather and latex and/or nitrile gloves

            Steel Toe Shoes

            Ice Cleats or other such devices