Ironwood Pharmaceutical

Ironwood is committed to the art and science of making medicines.

Patient needs shape our business.They inform our drug making process. We rely on patients to help us understand and address those unmet needs. Whether we’re transforming knowledge into medicine or tackling the equally challenging task of delivering that medicine to people around the world, patients inspire us.

Employees shape our future. At Ironwood, we’re building a team of talented individuals who embrace the incredibly challenging task of making medicines. All our employees are equity holders, which means we are careful stewards of our resources, and we share the responsibility to build and grow this company.

Our discovery and development processes have generated a product that’s approved in the United States, the European Union and a number of other countries, as well as a robust pipeline. We hope to continue earning the right to make medicines and, one step at a time, build an enduring pharmaceutical company that helps patients lead better lives.