Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc (NASDAQ: JAZZ) is a global biopharmaceutical company that develops life-changing medicines for people with limited or no options, so they can live their lives more fully. By transforming biopharmaceutical discoveries into novel medicines, we are working to give people around the world the opportunity to redefine what’s possible – to make the “small wins” big again.

As a leader in sleep medicine and with a growing hematology/oncology portfolio, we develop meaningful medicines and bring them to people with unaddressed needs around the world. We seek solutions for rare or complex diseases, and ensure those solutions are available for the often-overlooked patients who need them.

As the field of science has grown so have our R&D capabilities. We actively explore revolutionary drug options ranging from small molecule advancements to biologics, and we work to identify novel compounds within oncology and sleep medicine. This dynamic approach has allowed us to shepherd new medicines to market – from late-stage discovery through clinical development and regulatory approval. All of these advancements are a reflection of our continued investment in an evolving and growing research and development focus.